1. 7 Ways A Direct Home Sale Will Save You Money

7 ways direct sale will save you money

We Buy Houses Fast For Cash. Throughout the country, there’s more than one way to sell your home. Selling your house directly will save you time and money compared to an agent’s conventional listing. We are cash homebuyers and we want to guide you through the selling process with a direct sale to us. Read more in our latest post about how easy the process can be!

#1 – No Commissions For An Agent

Through a direct sale to WECORE Buys Houses, you can eliminate all the costs that you may incur with an agent. You won’t have to worry about paying high rates for agents or miscellaneous fees. Most agents will charge administrative fees, so if you decide to sign a listing agreement, make sure you know exactly what your agent will cost.

#2 – No Repairs To The Home

Many professional home buyers and investors will purchase your house as-is. It will save you the money you will normally pay upfront to get the property ready for the MLS. Furthermore, buyers may try to negotiate additional repairs after the home inspection is done.

#3 – No Clean Up Required In The House

We mean it when we say that we buy as-is. Moving can be very stressful. You don’t have to spend your time either cleaning now or while it’s listed for the next few months. It typically takes a little more than the standard clean-up to get a home ready for the market. You’ll need to get it to be photo-ready when listing. And your agent would probably recommend professional deep cleaning of the home, carpets, etc. for property showings. You should also look at the house’s exterior. Landscape and curb appeal should be retained throughout the entire process of listing.

#4 – No Closing Costs When Selling Your Home

However, not all homebuyers will pay the closing costs, we will pay them in full at WECORE Buys Houses. You’re not going to have to pay for title insurance, transfer fees, deed processing fees, notarization fees or anything else that comes with a standard closing. We want to make the process of selling easy for you so you can move on with your life.

#5 – No Marketing Costs For The Property

There are marketing fees that will need to be paid when you list your home. It is included in some agents’ services. But, many others will hit you on certain real estate websites for photo fees, listing fees and costs to advertise the home. Sometimes you’ll also find yourself covering an open house’s signage costs and items. Make sure you understand what’s included before you sign a contract with an agent.

#6 – No Storage Or Staging Fees For The House

Some agents would recommend that you remove from home all clutter and personal belongings. It includes any kind of documents, personal items, and clutter. Think of the listings of real estate you’ve seen. The listing showing cluttered pictures is often overlooked. We tend to scroll until we see homes that look worthy of a catalog. Often, as you get a head start on packing, this can be helpful. It can also make you feel like you are living in a hotel, though, rather than your own house. You also need a place to put all of your things. You may come across the extra cost of renting a storage unit until your home is sold and you’ve moved on to something else.

#7 – End Your Monthly Bills With Your Home

You will be free of monthly bills, property tax liabilities, homeowners insurance, general maintenance costs and more immediately. It can be costly to own a home, especially if it’s an older, run-down property. We can close in days, not months when you sell to WECORE Buys Houses. This alone can save thousands for you!

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For you to be able to sell your house faster, you can call professional home investors like WECORE Buys Houses. We are your local home buyers and we offer cash for houses in condition. We’re passionate people and we’re happy to help you find answers to your toughest questions about your real estate.

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